How does it work?

Proxies are part of a new layer of representation and are chosen by citizens based on shared political ideology. In the future, those interested in becoming a Proxy will create an on-line profile. This will allow citizens to search for, and readily locate, Proxies with a similar mindset. For now we simulate these mechanics by introducing four fictional Proxies.

Each of these Proxies will "reside" in New Jersey's 7th Congressional Election District and be "represented" in Congress by Leonard Lance.

There are four things you can do to become part of this experiment

  1. Search for a Proxy that most closely aligns with your political beliefs
  2. Join Democraseed (it is free you know)
  3. Select a Proxy to represent you...virtually for now
  4. Check back from time to time to see what your Proxy has to say

There are four main sections to a Proxy's profile.

  • Resume - a description of work and educational history
  • Priorities and Positions - summary of political thoughts on relevant issues
  • Voice - detailed statements written about issues (link available from Positions tab)
  • Budget - a detailed ledger describing salary and expense requirements

Click on the Search tab above to see how this works.

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