How does it work?

By inserting a new layer of representation between Congress and a disengaged citizenry, much of what ails our government can be corrected. The following synopsis introduces a revolutionary method for applying greater accountability upon the legislative branch of our federal government. To consider an idea such as this requires the reader to accept that this government, originally created to "...establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..." is not functioning as designed. This can be both a bitter pill to swallow and a tremendous motivator for change.

This solution is based on a very simple democratic principle -- there is tremendous power in well organized numbers. In this new layer a different breed of representative, the Proxy, stands for the collective will of 5,000 to 10,000 like minded citizens. Proxies will petition, or lobby, Members of the House and Senators on behalf of their constituents. While 10,000 voices, each representing a single citizen, might be overwhelming to a Congressman and easy to ignore, a single voice, representing 10,000 citizens, will not be so easily dismissed. This legitimate form of lobbying, in sharp contrast to the illegitimate forms which undermine the health, security, and financial well being of citizens throughout our land, will ultimately pressure our government to act for the good of its people.

Proxies will also monitor the actions and voting records of a single Member of the House and two Senators, to insure that his or her constituents' needs and concerns are being adequately represented. This information will be dutifully reported back to those same constituents. Such tasks, too demanding of time and energy for ordinary citizens, will allow people to easily focus on the bigger picture -- is my representative in Washington fighting to protect my interests and do they deserve my vote in the next primary or election?

Operating outside the familiar conservative and liberal spaces, Proxies are chosen to represent based on their individual political convictions and beliefs, which most often will ignore party lines. Proxies will take time to listen to the concerns of their constituents so they can adequately present such needs to those in government. These are full-time positions, and Proxies are paid for their work from a fund that is based on a yearly $30 fee each citizen pays when they voluntarily become a member of Some will balk at this, claiming that democracy should be free, but as our National Debt soars past 16 trillion dollars it is clear there is nothing free about it. For those Proxies who shirk their responsibilities to their people, accountability mechanisms will be in place to quickly remove a negligent Proxy from their post.

Some might argue that adding another layer of government is hardly the answer to our problems. Perhaps it is best to think of the Proxy Layer as anti-government, working in an adversarial relationship with Congress, the same way an editor might work with an author to affect a better outcome. Everything mentioned above can be instituted without any changes to the Constitution, and the resulting platform will be owned and operated by citizens. This should prove far more effective than handing the reigns over to government or large corporations.

The Proxy Solution is the natural response of a people to broken democracy. The Proxy Layer will prompt citizens to re-engage with their government and result in a more correct form of democracy. The potential rewards of such an experiment are quite significant, while the risk is as slight as $2.50 per month for each man or woman involved.

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