The Proxy Solution

Once upon a time a small group of men had a very large vision - a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Somewhere in history we lost our way.

The United States Government is now broken.

  • With less than 600 members in Congress to serve more than 300 million citizens there is no way so many individual voices can be heard.
  • Lobbyists have grabbed the attention of Congress, bent their will, and moved our nation in the wrong direction.
  • As Congress grows arrogant with indifference, there is little at our disposal to increase government accountability.

We need a solution that can affect government in a positive way without being too demanding for our citizens.

The Proxy Solution is a simple, practical approach for improving democracy here in these United States. It inserts a new layer of representation between Congress and the people. In this new model, Proxies will

  • Listen to the needs and concerns of 5,000 to 10,000 citizens with whom they see eye to eye on most issues.
  • Speak to Congress with a single voice that is backed by the collective will of thousands.
  • Report to the people on how well their needs are being represented by their Congressmen.
  • Work with citizens to propose and promote sensible legislation to the lawmakers in Washington.
  • Inspire a purer form of democracy as citizens finally re-engage with their government.

The Proxy Solution is the natural response of a people to broken democracy.

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